Organization management systems auditing


8 Lessons
12 Hrs
Dr. Rham Mahmoud


Internal auditing goes beyond compliance and becomes one of the key drivers of business continual improvement, an ineffective audit can mean severe consequences; and an effective audit can results in significant opportunities for business improvement. This program help you build an integrated audit framework relevant to your business. Work with us to align processes and procedures and bring risk-based audits together to cover multiple regulations without reducing the quality of the process. And avoid duplication of work, cutting costs and saving time. Optimize your auditing skills and boost your internal audit capabilities, this program develops the necessary skills to monitor all systems included in the IMS and assess its conformance to the relevant international standards. You’ll learn how to initiate an audit, prepare and conduct audit activities, compile and distribute audit reports and complete follow-up activities. Program feature real-world field experience and exercises that involve developing innovations to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants. Learn from world class consultants and trainers how to initiate, prepare, conduct, report and follow up an IMS internal audit program into real workplace.
Understand the principles of internal IMS auditing based on ISO 19011 Ensuring the adequacy of the organization Integrated Management System (IMS) Ensuring that the documented system is in compliance with the relevant international standards requirements Gain the skills necessary to assess an organization’s capability to manage its IMS Managing the effectiveness of the documented system and the operation efficiency Identifying opportunities for improvement with regard to process, system and business


Week 1

  • 1.Introduction to Integrated Management System Auditing

Week 2

  • 2.Types of Integrated System Audits and Audit Techniques

Week 3

  • 3.Auditing Principles

Week 4

  • 4.Auditor’s Knowledge, Skills and Personal Attributes

Week 5

  • 5.Audit Team Leader Competencies

Week 6

  • 6.Audit Programme Management

Week 7

  • 7.Conducting an Audit

    -Audit Initiation and Preparation.
    -Audit Planning.
    -Audit Implementation.
    -Audit Reporting and Completion.
    -Audit Follow-up.

Week 8

  • 8.Risk Based IMS Audit


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