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“YOUR EXCELLENCE IS ACTUALLY OUR EXCELLENCE” We provide world-class one to one online consultation services that are customized to the needs of anyone at any level into any type of industry or service You'll get tailored advice and guidance in the right direction so you can improve and grow your business, achieve professional success and accelerate your career path as well Pricing Price is 750 EGP per hour, and total hours will depend on the breadth and depth of the required consultation SCOPE Business consultation services covers the below topics:
      • Costs are getting higher, no choice for increasing prices, so, how to keep my profit margin?
      • What career best fit my qualifications and passion?
      • According to my job title, what is the sequence of professional certification do I need to go through?
      • How to prepare myself for the work market?
      • How to prepare my organization for a change/new project?
      • How to manage resistance to change when applying a new initiative?
      • We lose time and effort in conflicts, how to eliminate/reduce conflict between individuals and departments?
      • How to build a strategy for my organization? including departmental objectives?
      • I need to create a real time online dashboard for my organization that can be accessed from anywhere, how to build it?
      • How to build a bonus scheme based on the departmental objectives?
      • I have many unplanned shutdowns, how to reduce its frequency to increase my productivity?
      • We don’t have a reliable maintenance system, how I can build a robust maintenance process with relevant objectives?
      • We always have a problem in setting the effective preventative maintenance plan, how we can build a visual predictive machines board including Total Productive Maintenance procedures?
      • I couldn't cope with the required productivity, how to increase my productivity without having a new investment?
      • How to transform my factory to be a visual factory?
      • How to build the most effective organizational structure?
      • How to Implement Total Quality Management across my organization and overcome hurdles?
      • How to ensure that new product/service will sell well?
      • We have repetitive product defects, how to minimize/eliminate the recurrence of these product defects?
      • How can I build a quality control system to control products defects?
      • We have repetitive errors into service functions that delay the process and cost us more, how to build a quality control system for any department?
      • How to prevent recurrence of same errors at any department or function?
      • How to reach the root cause of any product defect or service error to prevent its recurrence?
      • How to get any process at any function into the organization more effective and efficient?
      • We suffer from the late response on our customers, how to minimize the lead time of any product or service for better responsiveness?
      • We have a huge operational cost, how to minimize the operational cost of my operations at the same quality level?
      • How to apply Japanese lean production system into my plant for faster operations and minimum lead time?
      • How to apply Japanese lean service system into my organization for faster response?
      • How to transform my organization to Lean Six Sigma organization?
      • I have frequent audit nonconformities regarding quality and safety, how to create and maintain the culture that "Quality & Safety is everyone responsibility"?
      • We have repetitive customer complaints, how to respond professionally on customer complaints? And how to prevent complaints recurrence?
      • How to ensure that my product or service will meet customer requirements?
      • How to identify the risks associated with each function and each project across the organization?
      • How to manage projects and associated risks effectively and efficiently to maximize gains and minimize losses?
      • We are ISO ………. certified organization, but we don’t feel any real improvement on real business, how to use our accreditation to improve our business?
      • I need to qualify my company for ISO……, how to get this mission done successfully?
      • We have unsatisfactory results for external audits, especially customer audits, how to prevent the recurrence of this risky situation?
      • I’m responsible for managing the internal audit process, how I can build and successfully manage the internal audit function?
      • I need to qualify myself to be a professional Lead Auditor in ISO……, what should be done? How to reach my strengths and weaknesses as an auditor?
      • I have many ISO …… systems in addition to customers requirements, how to integrate all requirements into one system?



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