our Vision

Become the preeminent choice for professional development and innovation in Egypt and the region.


  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Agility
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity

our Mission

Provide comprehensive professional, effective, agile training and consultation world-class services that inspire trust, create innovative change agents, exceeds our clients expectations and contribute to developing our society.


  • Deliver efficient, effective, agile, state of the art and high quality services.
  • Achieve the utmost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Introduce an effective change agents and business leaders.
  • Create tangible value to our clients.
  • Make an overall positive impact on our society.
  • Continual improvement and innovation.



We believe in passion for client’s, employees and partner’s we are committed to continual motivation and devoting all of our energy to success into all we do. Passion about work is our main focus to lead us down the path to success.


We continually strive to understand and respond to all stakeholder’s requirements and expectations to enable us being always among the best in all we do. We believe that a culture of excellence is the only means for achieving great results so, we apply many tools and methods to drive continual improvement of our systems and processes aiming to exceed our client’s expectations.

We establish innovation and creativity to achieve a unique value proposition through introducing new services, adding new features to current services to allow clients operate more efficiently.


We are committed to adopt agile solutions for our clients to confront the continual business challenges so, we are giving more weight to individuals and interactions over processes and tools, focus on client collaboration and valuing responsiveness to change rather than the following of a plan.

As a result our services become drastically more flexible; able to operate and evolve in highly dynamic environments and to adequately react to various changes in these environments. In these settings, adaptability becomes a key feature of our customized services for any type of business.


We are committed to exploring the challenges that confront Egypt and the region, and to using our innovative capabilities to address these challenges and serve our societies. We enable today’s business leaders to develop the necessary processes and skills to successfully grow their businesses in a dynamic global marketplace.

We also believe in the importance of BAS responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations in force in every country where we operate, responsibility towards our employees, our partner’s and society.


BAS upholds the principles of integrity, including fairness, accountability and honesty.

We are fully committed to adhere to the highest ethical conducts and values by assuring that every employee understands the importance of exhibiting great responsibility, competence and fairness towards each colleague and client.

Strategic Pillars

BAS continually ensures developing and maintaining effective and powerful processes and tools for key quality elements to meet and/or exceed client expectations and achieve client satisfaction & loyalty.

We adopt a culture of focusing all decisions from the client’s perspective by capturing and understanding client perception and translates it into fast and effective actions. Our quality system is robust and effective to meet international standards, our strategy and client’s satisfaction & loyalty.

We have an official complaining process to solve client’s complaints and permanently prevent recurrence of underlying problems.

We are continually measuring our client’s satisfaction and loyalty to capture their experience, manage issues detected in their feedback, build and share analysis of the improvement priorities, and drive actions to deliver a superior, differentiated client’s experience.

We are committed to equip our clients either individuals or corporates with the necessary professional world-class certification, recognition, skills, knowledge and experience to prepare them for responding to the constantly changing local and global market.

We strongly value the importance of turning theories, tools and techniques into practice. How to implement into real-world business is the main challenge so, we continually work on enhancing our client’s capacity for practical application into the workplace. As an integral part of your professional training, you’ll hone your skills with real-world Core Challenges. With each challenge, you’ll put the theory you’ve learned into practice.

Programs feature real-world field experience and exercises that involve developing innovations to enhance the knowledge of participants.

Our value stream is an end-to-end collection of activities that creates tangible value to our client’s, the main goal of our business value stream is: to delight our client’s

BAS alumni will be independent learners, adept at using current technologies to access information and applying strong quantitative, analytical, and critical thinking skills to analyze and synthesize complex information to solve problems.

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