Alumni Society

Business Agility Solutions (BAS) Alumni Society

Over the years, Business Agility Solutions has trained professionals who are positively leading and contributing to the success of their companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

To capitalize on this large number of trainees under one association, Business Agility Solutions formed the Alumni Society for the purpose of contributing to mutual professional development, as well as enriching its members with networking opportunities through a supportive environment where participants can share knowledge and professional experience for continual improvement.


  • Foster interaction between alumni and BAS.
  • Provide career advising and professional services.
  • Provide a medium for professional networking.
  • Provide a medium for exchange experiences.


Knowledge Center

Access a comprehensive library of resources including articles, tools, books, templates, stickers and videos

Career and Certification Advising

Get free advice on your career path, vacancies and certification path.

Apply Knowledge

Get free advice on how to apply your knowledge into real workplace.


Get discounts on future programs and events

Eligibility (criteria for membership)

  • All alumni of Business Agility Solutions are eligible for membership to the Alumni Society.
  • Instructors who wish to be in contact with former students are also welcome to be members.
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