Client Satisfaction Policy

Policy Statement

The ascertainment of the client and personnel satisfaction is crucial to stay in business, this policy issued to explain Business Agility Solutions obligation and procedures towards client’s satisfaction and loyalty aiming to gain and sustain advocates.


Defining clear criteria and procedures for managing client’s satisfaction and loyalty in order to follow a unified, efficient process, leading to continual improvement


  • Business Agility solutions sets key performance indicators to monitor client’s satisfaction and loyalty and link these KPIs directly to the key activities and processes as a major driver to ensure the culture of continuous improvement.
  • We have a comprehensive understanding and measurement of Service Quality Performance at each client touch points that is supported from all of our staff who are dedicated for monitoring client experience.
  • Client’s satisfaction starts with the deep understanding of their needs, requirements and expectations during the mutual planning phase for the requested service
  • BAS measures client’s satisfaction through a comprehensive satisfaction questionnaire after the delivery of each service, and also after the final resolution of client’s complaint’s
  • Continual improvement team is responsible for collecting and analyzing the client’s satisfaction surveys data.
  • Based on the results of the analysis we point out the opportunities for improvement to take the necessary corrective actions to continually improve all aspects of our services.

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Origination Date: January, 2019

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