Complaint and Appeal Policy

Policy Statement

The policy issued to explain Business Agility Solutions obligation and procedures towards clients complaints and appeals.


Defining clear criteria for managing client’s complaints and appeals in order to follow a unified, efficient process, providing problem prevention and resulting in true client satisfaction and continual improvement.


  • Business Agility Solutions receives complaints and appeals from all clients via e-mail, phone, website support (Report a Complaint) or through any BAS employee.
  • A customer complaint is defined as a situation in which BAS has failed to meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Each client who calls us with a complaint is giving us a gift named an opportunity for improvement. In fact, a client who decided to leave will not complain
  • Quality improvement team is the responsible for receiving client’s complaints and appeals, taking the necessary immediate containment actions, report the final corrective actions and following up the effectiveness of the taken actions through getting the customer feedback after the final resolution.
  • Each customer complaint must receive immediate resolution. Resolution does not focus on why the situation was created, but on what can be done to fix it and restore the customer’s short term satisfaction.
  • Resolving customer complaints and containing problems must be treated with urgency. All staff are expected to cooperate with this criterion in mind, while always pursuing the customer’s interest.
  • The final complaint resolution including the permanent corrective actions that ensures preventing recurrence of problems should be finalized within 2 working days.

This ensures that:

  • Client complaints are solved fast and effectively.
  • Rapid and effective action is taken to satisfy our clients.
  • Identified problems are eradicated, which reduces recurrence of client’s complaints
  • Ensures client satisfaction with the complaint resolution

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Origination Date: January, 2019

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