Neutrality Policy

Policy Statement

Business Agility Solutions is strongly committed to neutrality, this policy issued to explain Business Agility Solutions obligation towards neutrality


The policy was issued in order to enjoy the confidence of all, which in turn leads to achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Neutrality implies not acting in a way that could facilitate the conduct of hostilities by any of the parties involved.
  • Business Agility Solutions believes that a strict adherence to “neutrality” results in a classroom that potentially ignores the fears, interests, and concerns of many students.
  • Staff, instructors, consultants and auditors will not share their views with clients or being engaged at any time in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.
  • Each and every BAS representative will insist these discussions have no place in the classroom or at the work place.

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Origination Date: January, 2019

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