Why Business Agility Solutions?

Agility and Customization


Business Agility Solutions is committed to create leaders who can positively influence their organizations and lead change into their work environment and the whole society.

We offer tailor-made training programs, consultation and third-party audit services for all types of businesses and organizations.

These programs and services meet stakeholder’s needs and expectations and focus on achieving their predetermined objectives.

Our programs are agile in their nature where our clients designs their own program or service objectives, duration, schedule, venue and evaluation criteria as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Business Agility solutions sets key performance indicators to monitor client’s satisfaction and loyalty and link these KPIs directly to the key activities and processes as a major driver to ensure the culture of continuous improvement.

We have a comprehensive understanding and measurement of Service Quality Performance at each client touch points that is supported from all of our staff who are dedicated for monitoring client experience.

Client Experience

  • Our performance pre, during and post-delivery of our services is a key differentiator.
  • Best in class to deliver an outstanding experience: personalized, qualitative and fast on every touch points.
  • Formalized and comprehensive processes for delivering optimal client experiences.

Client Support

  • We support and respond to all clients’ interactions.
  • We are responsive and apply agile approach in all what we do.
  • We solve quality issues and prevent their recurrence.

Client Culture

  • Is in employees’ DNA.
  • We deploy client’s Insights and rituals.

Customer Centricity

  • Capturing, understanding and deploying the voice of client into all of our operations.
  • Client driven decision making.
  • Continual analysis of client’s data to understand the individual client characteristics.

Body of Knowledge and Services

Business Agility Solutions adopts the state of-the-art latest educational, training, consultation and auditing materials and services.

Our products and services undergo a series of technical reviews before each release, where each and every change is reviewed and tested for conformance to the design, as well as unintended interaction with other features. Our body of knowledge is approved from the relevant worldwide and local authorities.

All our products and services stress on enhancing our client’s capacity for practical application into the workplace which we consider the real challenge. Our programs and services equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to become an effective change agents to meet the unique challenges their organizations face.

We actively seek to continually improve all aspects of our processes through benchmarking, client’s feedback and suggestions, integrate client’s voice into timely development solutions as an integral part of our culture for over ten years to obtain the “best of the best”.

How To Apply Into Real Business ?

Business Agility Solutions strongly value the importance of turning theories, tools and techniques into practice.
How to implement into real-world business is the main challenge so, we continually work on enhancing our client’s capacity for practical application into the workplace. As an integral part of your professional training, you’ll hone your skills with real-world Core Challenges. With each challenge, you’ll put the theory you’ve learned into practice.

Programs feature real-world field experience and exercises that involve developing innovations to enhance the knowledge of participants.

Instructors, Consultants and Lead Auditors

Business Agility Solutions employs qualified instructors, consultants and lead auditors with international experience and long standing record of teaching, training and auditing experience in different sectors of manufacturing and service industries.

Business Agility Solutions have a rigorous procedures for selection and evaluation of instructors, consultants and auditors.

They are high calibers into their fields of specialties and each of them has the world class education, qualifications and experience that enables them to be competent at all stages of service including planning, delivery and achieving client’s objectives.

Their academic background in addition to the hands on experience promotes the effective and efficient client’s services.

Instructors continually do all they can to find ways of making each student successful in learning and applying into real business environment.

Long Term Partnership

Over the years, Business Agility Solutions has trained professionals who are positively leading and contributing to the success of their companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

To capitalize on this large number of trainees under one association, Business Agility Solutions formed the Alumni Society for the purpose of contributing to mutual professional development, as well as enriching its members with networking opportunities through a supportive environment where participants can share knowledge and professional experience for continual improvement.
Alumni Society



Clients for our instructors and consultants


Testimonials for our instructors and consultants

  • One of the most influencing and amazing Professors I have evermet. I am currently attending with her lean six sigma course to theAmerican University in Cairo (AUC). She is highly experienced andhave strong teaching skills. I really appreciate her efforts andadvices in the practical work.

    Aya El-Mahdy Lecturer Assistant at The German University in Cairo
  • Ordinary professors educate their students to succeed, Great professors teach their students to convert their failures into success. I am thankful to you. My life was changed because of you. It is an honor to be your student, I promise I will make you proud.

    Omar Refaat Radwan Industrial - Quality - Production - Planning - Mechanical Engineer
  • One of the best instructors i have learnt from her too much, She is very active, Professional and have a lot of industrial knowledge in different aspects as she merges between academic and practical experience , Lean six sigma with her added a great value to me .. I'd like to thank her for the advice and support.

    Mohamed El Habashy Manufacturing Process Engineer at General Motors
  • I attended a lean six sigma course with Dr.rham in AUC .She is a real trainer and communicator with powerful knowledge and ultimate ability to utilize her talents in attracting trainee's attention.Also she has a deep awareness about workplace situations, she makes her advice practical, applicable, and pleasant. you'll be amazed at what she knows--she's been there, done that, and can tell us how to go there and do that, too. thank you Dr rham for your all efforts

    yassmin elgouhari Student at faculty of veterinary medicine,zagazig university
  • Prof. Rham is an excellent mentor, she has as much experience as she loves to share with her students, she's kind, caring, helpful, humble and patient. She does a great job projecting the course material on real life experience, to help you see a bigger picture whether you're a fresh graduate or with previous experience and she's always there to give a hand.

    Omar Gadalla Engineering & mechanical drawing TA, AUC. Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical design & production dpt. Cairo University
  • Engineer Rham embraces any opportunity for professional development which makes her an ideal leader. She’s a role model for me, her wide experience and self confidence always dazzle me. I’m attending my second course in my professional diploma in quality management with her and even more i wish she could be the instructor of all courses. She doesn’t skimp any effort in giving advice to someone. Thanks Engineer for every tiny knowledge you provided us with.

    Nouran El Gendy Senior Quality System Engineer at Pirelli
  • I want to thank you for the most valuable course I am attending with you "lean six sigma" , you are one of the most talented instructors, enthusiasm person ,so helpful with wide experience am professionalism. Thanks engineer Rham,

    Mostafa Ahmed Maintenance Manager at Smiley's Grill
  • Professional, talented, loyal and strong personality.

    Amr Ibrahim Manufacturing Manager at LEONI
  • very good instructor and have alot of experience and a good six sigma and quality management consultant and I hope I work under her leadership once aday. she is really a good leader and have alot of skills

    Mahmoud ibrahim Mahmoud Ali sales and marketing officer at Flex Egypt for packaging materials
  • Hello eng.Rham I would like to thank you for your great, interesting and valuable course "Six Segma Quality Improvement" . You are one of the best trainers I have ever met. You are so cooperative, supportive and able to deliver the information simply. I wish I could apply that course at work in a benefical way. And it would be great if we can keep in touch and learn more from you.

    Sameh El Ansary مهندس معماري في بنك مصر
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