Lean Six Sigma Champion Certification


The Champion program is intended for members of management who will lead the program and sponsor projects. The program is designed to match candidates from any type of business either manufacturing or service and for any type of organizations.

Lean Six Sigma Champion training, written and facilitated by the author of the latest Lean Six Sigma Handbooks, provides an overview of the principles and methods of Lean Six Sigma deployment and includes:

  • Twelve months access to online materials including training slides, online study guide, online certification exam and additional Knowledge Center references.
  • Personal copy of Six Sigma Demystified and Six Sigma Handbook.
  • Upon successful course completion: Electronic certificate indicating Lean Six Sigma Champion Certification.


Candidates should have a general understanding of business functions, good level of English language, general proficiency using internet browsers and want to be effective change agents into their organizations and being leaders in operational excellence and continual improvement.


By completing the Lean Six Sigma Champion certification course, students will be able to:

  • Participate in the development of a successful Lean Six Sigma program.
  • Define project selection criteria and evaluate project proposals’ ability to meet those criteria.
  • Appreciate the role of Lean Six Sigma Champions, Project Sponsors, Green Belts and Black Belts in the Lean Six Sigma organization.
  • Understand use of the DMAIC problem solving methodology, and recognize the need for advanced problem-solving and improvement methodologies used by Project Teams.
  • Sponsor a Lean Six Sigma team.


Approximately 20 hours of instruction, equivalent to (2 CEU)

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1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

• Definition of Lean Six Sigma & its relation to Cost and Efficiency.
• Popularity and Application of Lean Six Sigma
• Comparisons between TQM and Lean Six Sigma Programs.

2. How to Deploy Lean Six Sigma

• Leadership responsibilities
• Resource allocation
• Data driven decision making
• Organizational metrics and dashboards

3. Lean Six Sigma Projects

• Project Focus
• Selecting Projects
• Estimating Project Benefits
• Overview of DMAIC methodology
• Project Reporting

4. Training & Personnel

• Choosing Personnel
• Training Requirements & Objectives

5. DEFINE Stage Tools & Objectives

• Define Stage Objectives
• Project Charter: Use and Development

• Work Breakdown Structure.
• Pareto Diagrams.
• Process Maps.
• Matrix Diagrams

6. DEFINE: Metrics & Deliverables

• Critical to Quality (CTQ) Metrics
• Critical to Schedule (CTS) Metrics
• Relation of CTQ and CTS Metrics to Critical to Cost (CTC) Metrics

7. DEFINE: Change Management and Lean Six Sigma Teams

• Problems with Change
• Achieving Buy-In
• Team Formation, Rules & Responsibilities
• Consensus Building

8. Final Exam

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