Organization management systems auditing


10 Lessons
24 Hrs
Dr. Rham Mahmoud


Environmental Management Systems, helps organizations to improve their environmental, sustainability and operational performance, gain competitive edge and build customer confidence in your commitment to managing environmental impact as a vital aspect of business success.
Understand the principles and interpret the key requirements of ISO 14001:2015 Learn how to implement a management system based on ISO 14001:2015 Learn a structured approach to achieving environmental objectives Minimize environmental impact Minimize pollution, healthier and safer environment Reduce the organization’s costs and waste production Comply with legislation Boost your reputation More effective risk management Cut costs and energy use through streamlined processes and minimize risk of environmental accidents Increased EMS awareness across your organization leading to achieving the highest operational standards. Develop the confidence to apply this knowledge within your organization Be able to perform a detailed gap analysis and project plan Initiate the environmental management system effective implementation process (or develop and enhance your existing EMS) Understand how to use the continuous improvement model for managing standard requirements


Week 1

  • 1.What is an Environmental Management System (EMS)?

Week 2

  • 2.Importance and Benefits of an EMS

Week 3

  • 3.ISO 14001 Concepts, Principles and Structure

Week 4

  • 4.EMS Components, Terms and Definitions

Week 5

  • 5.ISO 14001:2015 Requirements and Documentation

Week 6

  • 6.Document Control

Week 7

  • 7.Leadership and Management Commitment

Week 8

  • 8.Typical Framework for Effective Implementation

Week 9

  • 9.Performance Evaluation and Analysis

Week 10

  • 10.Roadmap to Certification


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