Live It Well (One-to-One) Online Coaching

8 Sessions
12 Hours


Sometimes we get lost in our lives, and lose our focus, and sometimes we are shocked or a situation happens to us that changes our view of everything we believed ,sometimes we feel lonely even though we live with others, and sometimes we feel that no one understands us, and we hide inside us everything we go through because we don't feel That we are able to communicate with someone, sometimes we feel very sad, and lose our passion for life. If you feel like that, so the live it well 1 coaching program is the starting point for you OBJECTIVES Achieve balance, happiness and contentment through eight online one-to-one coaching sessions OUTLINES
  • How to raise yourself awareness
  • How to accept yourself
  • How to raise your self esteem
  • How to achieve balance between your thoughts, emotions and body
This coaching program available from age 18



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