ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor

Master the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform an Lead audit of an occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001 and report on the effective implementation and maintenance of the management system in accordance with ISO 19011. Keep your Occupational Health and Safety Management System compliant and effective

Course Overview

Lead auditing goes beyond compliance and becomes one of the key drivers of business continual improvement, an ineffective audit can mean severe consequences; and an effective audit can results in significant opportunities for business improvement.
Optimize your auditing skills with the internationally recognized ISO 45001:2018, and boost your Lead audit capabilities. Gain confidence in planning and performing an effective audit, as well as reporting and assessing corrective action where necessary.

This program enables you to develop the necessary expertise to perform an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S MS) audit by applying widely recognized audit principles, procedures and techniques. During this training course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to plan and carry out Lead audit in compliance with ISO 19011. You will be able to master the audit techniques and become competent to manage an audit program, audit team, communication with customers, and conflict resolution.
Program feature real-world field experience and exercises that involve developing innovations to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants.
Learn from world class consultants and trainers how to initiate, prepare, conduct, report and follow up Lead audit program into real workplace.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the principles of Lead QMS auditing based on ISO 19011
  • Ensuring the adequacy of the organization OH&S Management System
  • Ensuring that the documented system is in compliance with ISO 45001:2018 requirements
  • Gain the skills necessary to assess an organization’s capability to manage its OH&S MS
  • Managing the effectiveness of the documented system and the operation efficiency
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement with regard to process, system and business

Course Outline

• Introduction to OH&S Management System Auditing
• Types of OH&S System Audits and Audit Techniques
• Auditing Principles
• Auditor’s Knowledge, Skills and Personal Attributes
• Audit Team Leader Competencies
• Audit Programme Management
• Conducting an Audit

  •  Audit Initiation and Preparation
  •  Audit Planning
  •  Audit Implementation
  •  Audit Reporting and Completion
  •  Audit Follow-up

• Risk Based OH&S Audit

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to match candidates working into any function across the organization with any educational background, little or no practical experience and they want to be effective certified Lead auditors.
Candidates may be from any type of business but already have a good knowledge of ISO 45001:2018 requirements, and the key principles of an OH&S MS. If not, we strongly recommend that you first attend ISO 45001:2018 Requirements and Implementation program (or equivalent), where the requirements are not taught in this course.
This program targeting candidates who are:

  • Involved in the auditing, maintaining or supervising of an ISO 45001:2018 OH&S MS
    within their organization
  • Responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of an operating unit
  • Any candidate wish to understand the audit process

Course Duration

12 hours.

More Information

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