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The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program is intended for those who spend some of their time on process improvement teams and operates in support of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, they are experts in identifying problems, data capturing and analysis, build solutions to lower operational costs and raise profitability. A Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt successfully applies process improvement to businesses and organizations across all industries.

Price: 2500 EGP
4 Days (3 hours per day)
12 Hours

you will learn the psychology of success and what are the obstacles that can prevent you and how to deal with them, whether in your personal or professional life, through group and team coaching techniques and patterns

Price: 3800 EGP
4 Days (3 hours per day)
12 Hours

Learn and be skilled in achieving balance, happiness and contentment through group and team coaching patterns and techniques

Price: 3800 EGP
8 Sessions
12 Hours

Achieve balance, happiness and contentment through eight online one-to-one coaching sessions

Price: 3800 EGP

CONSULTATIONS SUIT ALL NEEDS “YOUR EXCELLENCE IS ACTUALLY OUR EXCELLENCE” We provide world-class one to one online consultation services that are customized to the needs of anyone at any level into any type of industry or service You'll get tailored advice and guidance in the right direction so you can improve and grow your business, achieve professional success and accelerate your career path as well SCOPE Business consultation services covers the below topics:

Price: 750 EGP

TAILOR-MADE TRAINING PROGRAMS TO SUIT INDIVIDUAL NEEDS The offered training programs are designed to satisfy the full range of participant’s objectives at all organizational levels and to meet the different skill gaps. Our programs designed to fulfill the specific needs and expectations of our clients as well as fulfilling the market competition by providing world-class material, skills and the hands-on experience. Your staff will become professionals and competent to make tangible, rapid and significant contributions to their organizations. DESIGN YOUR OWN TRAINING PROGRAM We have customization strategies which aims at providing organizations with individually tailored training programs. The program outline, teaching methods, class meeting formats, venue and schedule are client driven. HOW WE DESIGN YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM? Business Agility Solutions designs an optimized learning experience to address organizational performance after gaining a deep understanding of the organization’s strategy and learning needs through a structured process steps, as follows: Context Building Analysis and Assessment Program Development Program Delivery Client’s Satisfaction Survey and Follow-up SCOPE Training Programs International Certification

WHY USE THIRD-PARTY AUDITING? If you are struggling to complete all of your management system responsibilities ahead of your external audit, you could choose to have experienced professional Auditors perform the necessary internal audits for you. They will review the performance of the system, as well as each department within your company and be able to evaluate whether you have maintained conformance with the relevant Standard(s). By hiring an experienced professional Management System Auditor to help you with your internal auditing, supplier audits and partner audits, you can be confident that they’ll possess the skills required to quickly understand your business’ needs and practices, and help you to achieve the intended results. WHY SHOULD YOU AUDIT YOUR SUPPLIERS? Do you need to know if suppliers have the right processes in place to fulfill your orders, before you award a contract? How do you confirm that manufacturers can complete the work, before you commit resources? Problems with your supply chain can impair your operations and damage your brand. We can help you improve your supply chain risk management by auditing your suppliers and contractors. Whether you want us to complete a standard third-party audit of their systems or develop a bespoke audit that meets your specific risk management requirements, our skilled and experienced auditors can be on hand to help you. WHY SHOULD YOU AUDIT YOUR PARTNERS? You need to align your strategies with your partners and continually assess partner’s performance for the mutual benefit of improving reputation and increase market share. SCOPE Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018 Energy Management System ISO 50001:2018 Integrated Management System Contracts, Agreements, Laws and Regulations

SERVICES TO SUIT ALL NEEDS We offer wide-ranging consultation and qualification services designed to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, our services are customized to the needs of any type of organization, companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. We empowering our clients with our world-class, agile services to drive results to the highest levels and special arrangements can be made based on a company’s needs. CONSULTANTS Our consultants have worked in a wide variety of businesses, this means they have the knowledge and experience to provide your organization with a bespoke consultancy service that supports your business strategy. Consultants provide an excellent consultancy service that is efficient and affordable, without cutting corners. CONSULTATION SCOPE “YOUR EXCELLENCE IS ACTUALLY OUR EXCELLENCE” We are serving all types and sizes of industry or service organizations, public or private sectors, and nonprofit organizations. Our world-class consultation services includes everything from capturing your specific needs, training your people to work in more effective and efficient ways, assessing how you’re doing, and finally the deployment across the organization to helping you achieve excellence into all what you do. All stages of our consultation services are delivered at your workplace, wherever you are located. WE OFFER CORPORATE CONSULTATION SERVICE WITH REGARD TO THE FOLLOWING SCOPE: Implement Total Quality Management principles and techniques across the organization (Quality Planning, Quality Control and Quality Improvement). Planning, deployment and improvement of the organization quality strategies and objectives. Manage projects and associated risks effectively and efficiently to maximize gains and minimize losses. Implement Operations and Quality Costs Reduction Strategies. Implement Continual Improvement Techniques. Implement Problem Solving Techniques and Root Cause Analysis (Data-Driven Decision Making). Implement Statistical Quality Control Methodologies. Implement Lean Six Sigma Improvement Methodology. Implement Lean (Enterprise/Manufacturing/Service) Improvement Methodology. QUALIFICATION SCOPE “WE STAND IN YOUR BACK FROM PLANNING UNTIL COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATION” WE CAN OFFER YOU A RANGE OF QUALIFICATION SERVICES AS FOLLOWING: We qualify organizations and companies seeking to acquire compliance certification. If you are looking to strengthen your processes, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue, ISO certification is a sound investment. To be sure that you are getting the best, you’ll want a certification provider who understands your business needs. BAS can deliver a robust and bespoke ISO Management System at an affordable price, and without the hassle and unnecessary paperwork. If you simply want to check that your management system is still fit for purpose without certification. We offer support that will ensure you get the most out of your existing system even if we will not certify it. Our consultants can offer a full Third Party System Management service, on a temporary or permanent basis, tailored to your needs. Our consultants can assess your current systems and provide you with a comprehensive report, including recommendations on how to improve. Are you ready to integrate your management systems? You may have two or more management systems in place. We have the right training and resources to suit your level of experience and can be customized to your business. Our services designed to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be. WE OFFER THE ABOVE QUALIFICATION SERVICES WITH REGARD TO THE FOLLOWING SCOPE: Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015. Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018. Energy Management System ISO 50001:2018. Integrated Management System. Contracts, Agreements, Laws and Regulations. WHAT ARE ORGANIZATIONS GAINS? ALL OF OUR ABOVE CONSULTATION AND QUALIFICATION SERVICES, HELP ORGANIZATIONS THRIVE AND ACHIEVE THE FOLLOWING OUTCOMES: Achieve higher quality products and services with the highest speed/flexibility and at the minimum costs. Achieve customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. Align the organization functions and employees towards a common strategy to achieve the organization objectives and tactics. Achieve excellence and innovation through continual improvement. Drive and spread quality culture and management for change. Apply Data Driven Decision Making strategies. Prevent or minimize the recurrence of problems, defects, errors, injuries and incidents. Get compliance certification with the relevant international standards. Integrate all the organization working systems into one robust system. Unify all working methods, procedures and systems across the organization. Manage projects effectively and efficiently to achieve deliverables with minimum resources. Maximize the results of the positive project risks and minimize the impact of the negative risks. Improve staff performance, qualifications and morale to qualify them to act as effective change agents towards achieving the organization objectives.

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The PMI-RMP credential acknowledges the individuals unique of the project team while demonstrating value the role provides to project management profession. In this role an individual has more competence in specialized area of assessing and identifying project risks while mitigating threats and capitalizing on opportunities, also maintain a basic level of competence in all areas of professional project managements

Describe the PMI-RMP® certification exam List the domains and processes in Project Risk Management Define Project Risk Management List the critical success factors to apply risk management List the different types of risks Explain individual and overall project risk Describe responsibility for Project Risk Management Identify Project Risk Management processes Assess and evaluate characteristics of individually identified risk Performing Quantitative Risk Analysis provides a numerical estimate Define risk response strategies and contingency plan Tracking identified risks Monitoring the effectiveness of risk response plans Reviewing the effectiveness of risk management processes

Price: 5000 EGP
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