Business Analytics


13 Lessons
36 Hrs
Dr. Rham Mahmoud


This program provide you with easily accessible knowledge about the art of problem solving, with a specific focus on identifying and eliminating root causes of problems. This is a skill that absolutely everybody should master, irrespective of which sector you work in, what educational background you have, and which position in the organization you hold. Providing practical instruction and advice on how to undertake real-life root cause analyses is crucial in today’s business. Program enable participants to master the skills and abilities necessary for solving workplace problems and investigating quality defects and errors, environmental health & safety incidents and violations, work stoppages, equipment’s breakdowns. Participants will be able to solve system, process and product problems and guide/promote problem solving and effective incident investigation activities at their organizations in addition to improving any business process by learning practical methods for the solution of critical problems and incidents that could happen at the real workplace within any type of industry or service. The ultimate goal of this program is the continual improvement of business processes through the reveal of the real root causes of business problems and prevent or minimize the recurrence of defects, errors, accidents, violations and any detected business problem. Program feature real-world field experience and exercises that involve developing innovations to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants. Learn from world class consultants and trainers how to analyze any workplace problem and prevent or minimize its recurrence which qualify you to be an effective agent in the improvement of the organization performance.
Identify problems, seek best solutions and prevent problems recurrence. Reduce defects/errors, rework, scrap and possible injury to personnel. Reduce cost of poor quality and costs resulting from inefficient processes. Increase competitiveness and profit. Improve the individual’s problem solving mindset. Increase customer (internal and external) satisfaction and loyalty. Analyzes and synthesizes highly sensitive and complex data to generate potential solutions. Anticipates challenges and problems and responds in a timely manner.


Week 1

  • 1.Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement and Teamwork

Week 2

  • 2.Challenge the Status Quo and Managing for Change

Week 3

  • 3.Problem Solving Approach and Benefits

Week 4

  • 4.Problem Solving Approach and Benefits

Week 5

  • 5.Root Cause Analysis Situations

    -System-based and Five Cs.

Week 6

  • 6.Becoming a Competent Problem Solver

Week 7

  • 7.Continuous Improvement and Management by Fact

Week 8

  • 8.Seven-Step Japanese Problem Solving Model

Week 9

  • 9.Eight Discipline Problem Solving Methodology

Week 10

  • 10.Identify Critical Process Metrics

Week 11

  • 11.Problem Solving Tools

    -Five Whys.
    -Fault Tree Diagram.
    -Matrix Diagram.
    -Cause and Effect Diagram.
    -Check Sheet.
    -Pareto Diagram.
    -Scatter Diagram.

Week 12

  • 12.Correlation and Regression

Week 13

  • 13.Case Study and Project Discussion


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