Business excellence

Lean Manufacturing (BE-03)

5 Lessons
45 Hrs
Dr. Rham Mahmoud


Lean Methodology has proven to be a successful improvement philosophy across all types of business including manufacturing and service organizations. Lean techniques allows an organization to utilize all its resources effectively, thereby providing a sustainable competitive global market. These programs employs business improvement strategies to increase the efficiency and utilization of resources across the organization leading to higher profit margin. COURSE OBJECTIVES To provide participants with a proven methodology to achieve improvements in the overall productivity and profitability of their organizations. By employing Lean techniques, a company will increase the efficiency and utilization of resources within the organization. Achieving cost savings, higher quality, improved delivery, improved productivity, improved equipment’s effectiveness and increased profit margins. Assist your company in identifying all types of waste and work relentlessly on eradicating them from the manufacturing processes. To prepare participants to become effective change agents, team players and team leaders into their organizations and into Lean projects.


Week 1

  • 1. Introduction to Lean

    -Lean Thinking.
    -Toyota Production System.
    -Lean Definitions of Waste.
    -Lean Principles, Benefits and Metrics.
    -Lean Deployment and Change Management.
    -Team Building.
    -Lean and Six Sigma.
    -Project Charter.

Week 2

  • 2. Value Stream Mapping

    -Gemba Walk.
    -Cycle Time, Lead Time and Takt Time.
    -Classification of Activities.
    -Velocity, Process Cycle Efficiency and SMV.
    -Mapping The Current Process Value Stream.

Week 3

  • 3. Value Stream Management

  • 3.1 Value Stream Analysis

    -Process Mapping.
    -Process Flow (Spaghetti Diagram).
    -Work Cell Design.
    -5S and Visual Management.
    -Heijunka (Line Balancing).
    -Total Productive Maintenance.
    -Buffer and Safety Stock.
    -Quick Changeover.
    -Jidoka (Building Quality In) and Poka-Yoke (Mistake-Proofing).
    -JIT (Just In Time) and Kanban (Pull System).

  • 3.2 Value Stream Improvement

    -Design The Future State Value Stream.
    -Develop Transformation Plan.

Week 4

  • 4. Continuous Improvement

    -Lean Performance Measurements.
    -Problem Solving Tools.

Week 5

  • 5.Project Discussion


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