Total quality management

Quality Culture and Management for Change (TQM-02)

11 Lessons
18 Hrs
Dr. Rham Mahmoud


Change management is essential to sustaining a culture of quality. For successful organizational change, attention must be given to both the “process” and “human” sides of change. Quality improvement is about designing system and process changes that lead to operational improvements. An organizational culture of quality is one in which concepts of quality are ingrained in organizational values, goals, practices, and processes. Change for a quality culture is a complete shift to an organizational strategy and culture that embraces quality. Effective leadership and management is key to facilitate this transition. Program feature real-world field experience and exercises that involve developing innovations to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants. Learn from world class consultants and trainers how to change for a quality culture
Realize the importance of leadership and continual improvement. Becoming a competent workplace leader and problem solver. Manage customer’s experience and supplier’s performance effectively. Provide the necessary knowledge and skills to work as an effective team member and leader. Improve the quality of operations in a workplace while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness.


Week 1

  • 1.Quality Management Functions

Week 2

  • 2.Change Management Strategies

Week 3

  • 3.Teamwork Dynamics

Week 4

  • 4.Problem Solving Approach

Week 5

  • 5.The Quality Control Mindset

Week 6

  • 6.Customer Experience Management

Week 7

  • 7.Customer Complaint Recovery ProcessContinual Improvement Process

Week 8

  • 8.Management By Fact

Week 9

  • 9.The Role of Workplace Leaders

Week 10

  • 10.What Is A Strong Workplace?

Week 11

  • 11.Supplier Quality Management


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