Total quality management


11 Lessons
30 Hrs
Dr. Rham Mahmoud


This program is designed to enable participants to master the concept and methodology of strategic quality management to be an effective agent in planning, deployment and improvement of the organization quality strategies and objectives. The ultimate goal of this program is to educate individuals and organizations how to effectively integrate quality objectives into each business function for the purpose of continual improvement.
Help individuals and organizations assess the overall organizational quality dimensions Understand the strategic quality management process with regard to real business life starting from planning until continual improvement Learn how to set, measure and improve the functional performance as related to organization strategies. Developing quality culture within the organization and mastering the leadership skills necessary for implementing strategies aimed at achieving the overall organization objectives.


Week 1

  • 1.Introduction to Quality Management

Week 2

  • 2.Developing an Organization Quality Culture

Week 3

  • 3.Organization Quality Assessment

Week 4

  • 4.Strategic Planning and Quality Management

Week 5

  • 5.Integrating Quality into Strategic Management

Week 6

  • 6.Business Environment Analysis

Week 7

  • 7.Development of Strategies and Goals

Week 8

  • 8.Strategic Plan Deployment

Week 9

  • 9.Performance Measures and Continual Improvement

Week 10

  • 10.Leadership to Implement Strategies

Week 11

  • 11.Case Study and Project Discussion


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